How to register?

Step 1: Downloading and Installing the “WPLicense Upgrades” Plugin

  • You must install “WPLicense Upgrades” plugin.
  • Our “WPLicense Upgrades” plugin allow you to install/update/activate plugins or themes directly from WordPress Dashboard.
  • Install the plugin on your website just as a normal plugin.

Step 2: Order

Select the product you want to register and click to button Sign Up Now

Step 3: Payment

  • Use your Account Funds and get a 34% discount on per your order.

Step 4: Adding domains to your order

Step 5: Connect

  • If installation of “WPLicense Upgrades” was installed prior to the step 4 or to be notified in your website:

  • Click to the button Click here to connect
  • Or visit WPLicense/Install and click to button Reload

If there are not received any notification, please ignore the step 5.